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Single Property Edition

Your hotel management program


Protel Single Property Edition – Exclusive hotel management software designed for every hotel, regardless of size and number of rooms.

Why is Protel Hotel Management System?

Created since 1994 in Dortmund, Germany. Over 15,000 hotels in Europe.

Easy and easy check-in, accommodation and check-out.

Protel SPE is a well-considered hotel management solution that has been reviewed and evaluated by international hotels.

Quickly and clearly you will find out information about your guests, their time of stay and individual preferences. You will actively manage your hotel occupancy rate and increase its efficiency, which will effectively increase your profit and income.

Interconnection with any level of third parties.

We are not talking about connecting with booking.com or other online reservation pages, as we already consider it a mandatory standard.

Automatic prices not only for employment, but also for other unique Protel criteria.

High-level service.

Extremely easy to use.

More than 1500 standard reports

Take a look at the basic protel SPE features:

Protel room plan

  • Watch free rooms for individual guests or groups
  • Easily make changes or move guests to other rooms
  • When you sign in to a guest profile, enter or edit your personal details
  • Check / edit room status, block / unlock rooms
  • Follow the calendar for past, current and closest room reservations

Protel room plan according to their type

  • Book and edit different types of rooms. Edit group reservations of different types and times
  • Easily book your guest room of any type
  • Watch your hotel occupancy situation
  • Keep track of the percentage of appropriations, choices, pending guests, hotel occupancy listings
  • Enter and edit events

Protel guest profile

  • Use the protel guest profile for information about the guest’s appointment
  • Enter and save addresses, reservations, and earnings information
  • Keep track of guest requests

Protel Navigator

  • Access to all Front Office functions
  • The information you need is available at any time by guest name, room plan, or other request
  • Enter and edit guest’s personal details, booking and billing information
  • Enter / edit guest comments and special requests
  • Edit group bookings

Protel Sales Queries

  • A clear and explicit reservation process
  • Optimize and track sales
  • Activate the program wizard with one click
  • Choose any day and check individual queries
  • Set the best daily rates with BAR (Best Available Rate)

Protel Reporting

  • Use protel’s integrated reports to help you more accurately measure your earnings
  • Keep track of key performance indicators, earnings, employment, and average room rates
  • Use complex analytical data, such as market analysis of specific segments over a given period
  • Easily export your data to Microsoft Excel
  • Use the business features needed for optimal real-time management

Protel Price Management

  • Set pricing with certain clauses
  • Use automatic price management to optimize your average room price
  • Set up a realistic pricing strategy for a specific day, week, or even all year round
  • Turn on or off automatic bidding based on your chosen strategy
  • Observe the hotel’s current and expected occupancy, broken down by room or type