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Multi Property Edition 

hotels, groups and corporations

As a central property management system (PMS), protel NPE can transform even the global chain of hotels into one. All hotels have access to the same information about guests from one central database. Data is provided and functions are performed in real time at each hotel. This gives you great benefits, accurate information and ongoing processes to help you profitable to grow your business.

Protel Multi Property Edition accurately delivers bookings, marketing and reports in one package, so you can monitor and control all your activities, revenue and reports in a whole or a few hotels. If you have difficulty in exporting extended or unlimited data to the hotel’s central database due to a slowdown in Internet connection, we also have a solution for you. Just let us know your needs and desires.

Take a look at the main PROTEL MPE features:

protel Central Reservation System (CRS)

  • Easily logged in to centrally stored hotel / hotel information
  • Use a hybrid, flexible room reservation
  • Determine real-time employment for all hotels
  • Reservations are immediately published in the main database
  • Access all Front Office features in each hotel, hotel network

Protel room type plan

  • Use the active room type plan for groups, edit the room type, change the time period
  • Just drag and click to make a reservation for your guest
  • The most suitable room types are provided
  • Keep track of your hotel’s employment situation
  • See allocations, choices, pending lists, percentage of employment, and so on
  • Enter and edit events


Protel guest profile

  • Use the protel guest profile to integrate your customer data
  • Store addresses, reservations and income details
  • Follow the guest’s wishes
  • Monitor the unique real-time visitor data in a centralized manner
  • Forget about manual synchronization of information

protel Navigator

  • Use Protel Navigator as the foundation for all of Front Office’s features
  • Use it to get accurate information about the guest, room type, bookings and many other dialogues
  • Enter or edit guest personal details, bookings and billing information
  • Enter and edit guest comments
  • Edit group orders

Protel Sales Queries

  • Thematic Booking Wizard
  • Always provide optimal rates for your guests
  • Turn on the wizard by pressing any button
  • Check daily rates for each day
  • See the best day price

Protel Reports

  • Use the protel integrated questionnaire to get reports
  • Easily follow key performance indicators, revenue, employment, and average prices
  • Use sophisticated market analysis
  • Easily export data to Microsoft Excel
  • Use the Business Analysis feature

Protel Price Management

  • Set pricing with certain clauses
  • Use automatic price management to optimize your average room price
  • Set up a realistic pricing strategy for a specific day, week, or even all year round
  • Turn on or off automatic bidding based on your chosen strategy
  • Observe the hotel’s current and expected occupancy, broken down by room or type