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In short, quickly and easily: With PROTEL Messenger, the hotel and guests stay in touch.

With PROTEL Messenger, you can create and send emails or text messages automatically or manually in the PROTEL program. Control the time or enter certain events – just set up who to send, what message and when.

PROTEL Cloud Solutions

One of Protel Cloud modules is protel Messenger. Mixed Cloud Setup Solutions are combined with Protel SPE or MPE. Assigning parameters or creating rules, sending texts is done conveniently and simply. Protel Cloud Center – An online tool for key administration, for all protel Cloud modules that are used by the hotel.


The possibilities are limitless. Some examples:

♦”Your room is ready!”
Automatically notify your guest about the status of the room as soon as it changes to a “clean” state.
♦”Lady, the room (VIP-7) is checked!”
Hotel manager’s automatic notification of VIP guest room check.
♦”Happy Birthday!”
Automatic notification to the current visitor.
♦”Have you enjoyed staying with us?”
A message to guests who were discharged two days ago, including a reference to a survey, such as a protel survey.
♦”We are waiting for your stay. Here is a link to our hotel …”
Automatic notification to the guest one day before arrival, with a link to the hotel on the map.
♦”Your taxi is already waiting for the hotel.”
Notice to guest from reception.
♦”New Task: Please check your Task Lists for details …”.
Automatic notification of room handlers as soon as it was created.
And much more …