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It’s a protel multifunctional module for receptions, banquets and events.
Perfect planning, taking into account the finest details, in order to achieve the very best result without slipping off the schedule.






With protel Banquet, you will easily and quickly enjoy the long-term employment rate of the hotel-restaurant, generate timetables and accommodation plans.

Does planting well? Was the proper equipment ready to use? Did the signs in the conference rooms have been helped correctly?


This protel module ensures that you will always be able to control every detail: changes in the schedule of the event, the number of participants or even the last minute the organizer made all the changes to the event, the corresponding departments will be guaranteed in due time.
Protel Banquet:
Optimized room occupancy and perfect planning

♦ All events, large or small management
♦  Types of accommodation and banquet services, orders
♦ Auto group confirmation
♦  Equipment rental
♦  Departmental co-operation
♦  A comprehensive diary with several views of the event
Banquet Plan

♦ Multifunctional Planner
♦ All orders and options
♦ Optimal room occupancy, double occupancy
Event management

♦ Detailed training
♦ Direct transmission of information from the relevant section
♦ Flawless internal communication
Event Information Summary

♦ The functional pages are provided for smooth process progress
♦ Detailed equipment documentation, management, graphs, guest lists and other information.
♦ Administered a detailed process for each department